The Goals of the Respect 4 Horses Organization are:
  • To encourage in any and every way the passing of the 2011 Horse Slaughter prevention Act, H.R. 2699, S 1176
  • To fight for more protections for our Wild Horses.
  • To retrain our rescued horses with natural horsemanship principals so that they may find homes and be good companions.
  • To educate the public about the atrocities that go on in this “civilized” country we live in.
  • To motivate the public to write letters and have relationships with their legislators.
  • To train the new owners together with the adoptive horses, so they may always understand each other.
  • To produce products like the Horse Rescue Calendar that will secure funding and raise awareness to save many more horses.

Please help spread the word. Print out our poster and hang it at all your local feed stores.

Download a high resolution version of our Horse Owners Beware poster

Horse Owners Beware poster